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Identify the companies visiting your website in realtime, serve the right content, win more paying customers. Using the tools you already use.

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How it works

Knowing IP address of your visitors is not enough, unless you know who owns it. Sniffbit's API converts any IP address to the company behind it, in realtime, and provides rich actionable data about the company.


Let data drive your sales

Rich Data

Match IP address of your visitors to rich company data about them -- such as employee count, tools used, industry, etc. Close more named accounts.

Google Analytics

Deeply integrate with Google Analytics. Use custom dimensions and create dashboards with organizational info of your visitors. Understand what company does does what on your site like never before.


Tailor a compelling experience

Targeted Content

Serve the right content to the right audience. Serve custom content based on company size, location, industry, tools they use, etc. How you ask is everything.

Optimizely/VWO/Google Optimize

Integrate with your favorite tools to quickly change content on your website. What's more? Sniffbit comes with a powerful frontend API to customize your pages in realtime.


Test what works

A/B Testing on steroids

Test across industries, locations, company sizes. Take your current A/B testing strategy and add organizational context to it.

The same lovely tools

Continue to work with your existing A/B testing tools. Sniffbit integrates with just about every A/B testing platform.

Unbelievably fast

Blazingly fast API served from multiple locations worldwide. Hosted on Google's infrastructure.

Small business savvy

Sniffbit not only tracks large companies, but also tracks over 300K small businesses. There is nothing like it.

Fanatically updated

IP data updates every 3 seconds. You can count on having the most updated data when you work with us.

Let's get you started

Win more paying customers. Instantly.